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What can I do with my results?

What to do with your verified emails or phone numbers?

Congratulations on completing your first scraping and collecting a bunch of verified emails and phone numbers! What can you do from here?

Upload to a CRM #

You can use your typical outreach strategy if you work for a company that uses a CRM. Simply upload your leads .CSV file into your CRM.

Upload to a Cold Email Sending Platform #

Mailshake, Lemlist, and Reply.io are all great choices if you want to send cold emails to your leads ASAP. SoContact Connect, currently in development, will allow you to create email campaigns directly in SoContact.

Contact them directly #

You can simply use your SoContact dashboard as a CRM and reach your prospects. You can also choose to open the .CSV file in Excel or upload it to Google Sheets for a more personalized approach. From there, you can see everyone on your list and start personalized outreach.