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Contact the people you are interested in. Simply.

Integrations with Top CRMs

SoContact has partnered with fantastic organizations to create meaningful impact and connections that get results. Please take advantage of the features of SoContact.

Integrations with SalesForce

Salesforce is one of the leading enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Bulk email and number search​

In a few minutes, collect the substantial base of e-mail addresses and professional telephone numbers. Upload the lead information you have and enrich it with real email addresses.

Integrations with HubSpot

HubSpot helps sales teams navigate and map opportunities by tracking email conversations, contacts, companies, deals, and tasks.

CSV Enhancement

Enrich has CSV of records with SoContact information.

Direct integration to ALL

Our integrations are plug and play. Zapier is known to be the best automation tool that can move sata from SoContact to any application or CRM.

A number of advantages far superior to other online prospect search tools!

Stop sending InMail to which few people respond. Get the contact details of the people you are really targeting.

50 free leads for a month

No credit card required

Cancel the trial at any time

350M+ professional profiles

Be more efficient thanks to an intelligent tool.

Increased security

SoContact focuses on the security of your information, and that much better than elsewhere.

A base enriched daily

SoContact's artificial intelligence collects and verifies the contact details of your prospects in real time from the web to give you the most reliable information on the market.

220M+ business emails
80M+ numbers130M+ personal emails

No need to search for the contacts of the people you are interested in, they are available in a few clicks!

Friendly and easy to use interface

An intuitive interface makes adapting faster and seamless. The Chrome extension makes the lead generation process simple and efficient.

1000+ active sales teams

The SoContact tool is already appreciated by hundreds of sales teams all over the world.

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Pascal's experience

SoContact user since December 2022

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Bruno's experience

SoContact user since February 2023

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Sophia's experience

SoContact user since January 2023

Here's why the SoContact experience is valued

According to customer feedback, SoContact has increased the conversion rate in their sales process by more than 50%.