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Contact the people you are interested in. Simply.

Linkedin prospecting Get emails and phones

SoContact’s Chrome extension automatically scans a profile page and provides the latest contact information

Sales Navigator can be used to easily export leads.

SoContact is here to help you connect faster and easier, whether you’re cold prospecting or recruiting top talent on LinkedIn.

Install the extension
Use any filter to search Linkedin
Scratch and find valid contact information

Bulk email and number search​

In a few minutes, collect the substantial base of e-mail addresses and professional telephone numbers. Upload the lead information you have and enrich it with real email addresses.

Watch how the magic happens.

SoContact is here to help you connect faster and easier, whether you're cold prospecting or recruiting top talent on LinkedIn.

CSV Enhancement

Enrich has CSV of records with SoContact information.

Real-time prospecting.

Use this LinkedIn search to instantly turn into a clean prospect list with valid contact information.

You can take advantage of LinkedIn's live data to make sure there's no outdated information.

Contact information is 96% accurate and includes valid emails and mobile numbers.

Large-scale prospecting. Up to 2,500 enriched contacts can be generated in one click.

Finding contact details, so easy

Add precision to your LinkedIn lead nurturing by including accurate emails and phone numbers.

86% email match rate - with 96% accuracy.

Access to over 220 million phone numbers, including direct calls and mobile numbers.

Want to hire the right people? Access private emails to find the perfect match.

Enrichment of more than 50 data fields.

Get an overview of your potential customers with an unparalleled level of enrichment.

Links to social media, education, career, etc.

Company firmography, including industry, specific headcount, date founded, etc.

Data sourced petabytes from online and offline sources in an ethical manner.

Sales Browser Ready.

You can generate leads directly from LinkedIn with our chrome extension, which you can install now!

You can launch a scan directly from any search results page, including saved listings.

You can initiate a scan from any search results page, including saved listings.

Export up to 2,500 results at a time. SoContact will scrape into the cloud and notify you when it's done.

A clear data set, free of unnecessary files.

Our AI removes prefixes, suffixes, emojis and sanitizes your data so you don't have to.

Remove organization types such as "LTD", "Inc" from company names.

Remove emojis and normalize people's names.

Automatic contact deduplication.

Synchronize with your CRM.

Your contacts are easily synced with many CRM and outbound marketing platforms.

You can send your contacts to many CRMs, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Copper, etc.

Sales automation platforms like Outreach and Salesloft are pushed because of the need for sales push.

Export as a spreadsheet file.

Accelerate your prospecting.

Chrome extension

Dead simple to use. Only 30 seconds to start.

CSV Export

Export as a clean spreadsheet or sync contacts with a CRM.

Built-in politeness

We’ll scratch at a reasonable speed, using a dedicated cloud-based IP address.

Saved Lists

Easily scrape any list saved on LinkedIn.

CRM Sync

Feed your enriched prospects directly to any CRM.

100% on the cloud

Launch a scrape, close SoContact, we’ll let you know when it’s done.

search results

Retrieve up to 2500 LinkedIn results at a time.

AI cleansing

We clean people’s names and titles of emojis, suffixes, etc.

Not shared

We always use your own linkedIn account to run the scrape.

A number of advantages far superior to other online prospect search tools!

Stop sending InMail to which few people respond. Get the contact details of the people you are really targeting.

50 free leads for a month

No credit card required

Cancel the trial at any time

350M+ professional profiles

Be more efficient thanks to an intelligent tool.

Increased security

SoContact focuses on the security of your information, and that much better than elsewhere.

A base enriched daily

SoContact's artificial intelligence collects and verifies the contact details of your prospects in real time from the web to give you the most reliable information on the market.

220M+ business emails
80M+ numbers130M+ personal emails

No need to search for the contacts of the people you are interested in, they are available in a few clicks!

Friendly and easy to use interface

An intuitive interface makes adapting faster and seamless. The Chrome extension makes the lead generation process simple and efficient.

1000+ active sales teams

The SoContact tool is already appreciated by hundreds of sales teams all over the world.

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Pascal's experience

SoContact user since December 2022

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Bruno's experience

SoContact user since February 2023

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Sophia's experience

SoContact user since January 2023

Here's why the SoContact experience is valued

According to customer feedback, SoContact has increased the conversion rate in their sales process by more than 50%.