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Contact the people you are interested in. Simply.

DATA CLEANING Fast bulk email checker.

Cost and reliability are two benefits of bulk email verification that can improve your deliverability and reduce bounces.

Check mailing lists in bulk and automatically

A state-of-the-art email verification and cleaning solution can clean up your mailing lists.

Download your mailing list or import it from any platform.

Upload a clean, verified list free of dead or invalid emails.

Protect your email reputation, reduce bounces and avoid landing in the spam folder.

Bulk email and number search​

In a few minutes, collect the substantial base of e-mail addresses and professional telephone numbers. Upload the lead information you have and enrich it with real email addresses.

Avoid landing in the spam folder by protecting your email reputation and reducing bounce rates.

You can upload a mailing list from your device or import one from your existing CRM or marketing software.

Import your contact list from many CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Copper, etc.

Upload a spreadsheet or CSV file directly from your computer.

CSV Enhancement

Enrich has CSV of records with SoContact information.

You can upload a spreadsheet or CSV file directly from your computer.

With SoContact, you can create a highly customized export, so you only retrieve emails at your level.

Download specific segments and validation levels such as "risky" and "unknown" emails.

Include or exclude disposable, generic, or private email addresses as desired.

Protect your email reputation

Avoiding problematic recipients and protecting your reputation is our first line of defense against spam and malicious emails.

Minimizing your soft and hard bounces will increase your email score.

A high email reputation means a higher inbox landing rate and a higher overall open rate.

Best email checker on the market.

SMTP validation

Delete dead, invalid and unresponsive emails.

disposable check

We can detect temporary, disposable and suspicious emails.

Checking MX records

A check of MX records allows us to confirm that email is in use and capable of accepting mail.

catch-all control

We compare popular email and catch-all domain databases.

Domain verification

Our algorithm checks if the email domain is real.

Greylist proof

We are able to check some of the hardest to check ESPs.

Syntax check

We check that the email is typed correctly and that all symbols are in place.

Spam traps

Use our smart spamtrap indicators to remove honeypots.

Risk validation

Get rid of emails containing high-risk keywords and TLDs.

A number of advantages far superior to other online prospect search tools!

Stop sending InMail to which few people respond. Get the contact details of the people you are really targeting.

50 free leads for a month

No credit card required

Cancel the trial at any time

350M+ professional profiles

Be more efficient thanks to an intelligent tool.

Increased security

SoContact focuses on the security of your information, and that much better than elsewhere.

A base enriched daily

SoContact's artificial intelligence collects and verifies the contact details of your prospects in real time from the web to give you the most reliable information on the market.

220M+ business emails
80M+ numbers130M+ personal emails

No need to search for the contacts of the people you are interested in, they are available in a few clicks!

Friendly and easy to use interface

An intuitive interface makes adapting faster and seamless. The Chrome extension makes the lead generation process simple and efficient.

1000+ active sales teams

The SoContact tool is already appreciated by hundreds of sales teams all over the world.

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Pascal's experience

SoContact user since December 2022

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Bruno's experience

SoContact user since February 2023

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Sophia's experience

SoContact user since January 2023

Here's why the SoContact experience is valued

According to customer feedback, SoContact has increased the conversion rate in their sales process by more than 50%.