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Data Processing Agreement


SoContact services are designed to help users and providers (e.g., human resources professionals, B2B partners, sales platforms) validate and verify contact information and find the company profiles they seek to interact with Relevant Contacts (as defined below), through access to individual Business Contacts. profiles kept in the SoContact database.


The duration of the Services extends from the effective date until the end of the renewal. The retention periods will be determined taking into account the type of information collected and the purpose for which it was collected, taking into account the requirements applicable to the situation and the need to destroy obsolete and unused information as soon as possible. reasonable deadlines.


– “Contacts”: people who make their contact details public. – “Users”: Person who downloads, installs or uses the SoContact browser extension (“Plugin”) or accesses the SoContact website (“Site”).


Commercial Information of Individuals Collected:

  • We collect business profiles related to contacts from different public sources and our trusted business partners in order to improve, optimize and enrich the SoContact database and to make it as current and up-to-date as possible, thereby enabling us to provide our services. We collect information from the following third-party sources: (i) third parties who license, sell or otherwise provide the data they have collected; or (ii) information from publicly available sources, such as via the internet and social media, including via public or licensed APIs. For example, we use open web services and APIs to supplement and update the information we have about contacts and to enrich it (for example by adding links to verified social network profiles of contacts), in order to allow our users and suppliers to find relevant business profiles. .
  • SoContact collects from Contacts: E-mail addresses, Phones, Social Profiles (username, url, name, function, company, location, skills, etc.).
  • We do not add to the SoContact database any company profiles or other information shared with us by our users when downloading or using our plugin or access to our site.


User data collected:

(i) The first category of information consists of unidentified and non-identifiable information relating to one or more Users, which may be made available or collected through your use of the Services (“Non-Personal Information”). We do not know the identity of the User from whom the Non-Personal Information was collected. This information includes the following:
  • a. (a) We collect technical information transmitted by your device, including certain software and hardware information (for example, the type of browser and operating system used by your device, language preference, access time and the domain name from which you connected to the Services; etc.), in order to improve the functionality of the Services and provide you with a better user experience.
  • b. (b) We may also collect information about your use of the Services, such as log files, timestamps, alerts, etc. This information is collected, among other things, to resolve errors and bugs, as well as for research and analysis purposes on your use. Services.
  • c. (c) We may anonymize information collected through the Services or by other means so that the information cannot, by itself, personally identify you. Our use and disclosure of such aggregated or anonymized information is not subject to any restrictions under this Privacy Policy, and we may disclose it to third parties without limitation and for any purpose.
(ii) The second category of information is information about you that specifically identifies you or, when combined with other information available to us, can be used to identify you. This information is collected in the course of the following activities and includes the following:
  • a. (a) User activity (e.g. pages viewed, browsing activity, page viewed, etc.), location (e.g. country or origin, we do not collect your specific location);
  • b. (b) In order to download our Plugin, you will need to register for the Services (eg via our Site). As part of