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Contact the people you are interested in. Simply.

Welcome to SoContact

Introduction #

With SoContact, you can find the right client for your business using one of the largest lead databases on the market. You can filter over 40 categories and find the perfect client for your business. Additionally, SoContact hosts one of the most comprehensive mobile phone databases currently offered.

Integration #

You can connect CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot with a productivity tool called Zapier directly to the platform to use all the customer information you already have while maintaining a workflow you’re already used to. You can also automatically save all new customer and company information you get and leads you generate in SoContact directly to your CRM, so SoContact can handle all the synchronization and data entry for you.

L’extension Chrome #

Thanks to the SoContact Chrome extension, you can prospect for new clients directly from LinkedIn. You can even integrate the SoContact functionality directly into your Gmail inbox.

Data enrichment #

You can use SoContact enrichment tools to bring the wealth of information from the SoContact database to CSV, your CRM and other tools using the SoContact API.

And bref #

In a nutshell, with SoContact you can leave many point solutions behind, increase customer intelligence, engage directly with your customers, and access millions of leads from a single tool.